From time to time, patients are not any longer happy with the color of their teeth. This might be the case, as the teeth are by nature darker than the average teeth or that certain teeth are colored due to an accident, an endodontic treatment or other external influences.

Due to the two systems - internal and external bleaching - most of the time color corrections are possible.

In order to get the best results for you, we are using approved and tested materials that do not damage your teeth and are giving first results within a relative short time. Harmful secondary effects are not to be expected if the medical assignments and briefings by our team are followed.

Internal Bleaching

Under the term 'internal bleaching' especially the bleaching of colored teeth (often after an endodontic treatment) is meant. The system uses the repeated insertion of bleaching remedies, in this case on an extremely darkened front teeth.

External Bleaching

In comparison to the 'Internal Bleaching' system, in most cases the 'External Bleaching' of various teeth (often in the front) is done by adding a bleaching gel on the surface of the teeth. The degree of lightening depends on the request of the patient as well as the time used. In our premises, the so called 'home bleaching' is used most of the time by using an individually created dental split.