Beside the traditional supporting options while loosing teeths - fixed dental bridges or removable dental prothesises in various forms - we offer implants when certain pre-conditions are met. Planing and actual implementation are longstanding tested and acknowledged in the science field as being a long-term opportunity for the replacement of missing teeth.

Furthermore, they offer the opportunity to close gaps without smoothening down neighbour teeth when they are still in healthy conditions.


The treatment can be done within our premises most of the time, so that the implants and the following support of your teeth will be done by our team. In very difficult and flamboyant cases, we work together with other doctoral teams while using tested systems.

In case you would like to know the basic principles of getting an implant or taking a deeper look into the phase after a potential surgery, kindly have a look at the following schematic pictures and the video. Both - the pictures as well as the video - are provided by the Fa. Camlog, 71299 Wimsheim with the approval of the organisation to publish those documents on our website.