Donation Campaign 'Old Gold'

On this occaision we would like to present the results of our donation campaign 'Old Gold'. The campaign takes place since more than twenty years and results out of old tooth gold of patients which is donored to 'Haus Rungholt'. Haus Rungholt is an instituion which supports both physically and mentally disabled children and is part of the 'Stadtmission Halle/ Sachsen'.

Due to your support, we were able to donate since 2008 the following amounts:


Year: Donation amount (in Euro)

2008: 7.000 EUR

2009: 8.000 EUR

2010: 13.000 EUR

2011: 12.000 EUR

2012: 12.000 EUR

2013: 8.000 EUR

2014: 8.000 EUR

2015: 7.000 EUR

2016: 7.000 EUR

2017: 6.000 EUR

2018: 6.000 EUR

2019: 6.000 EUR


Thank you very much to all, who supported with their donation the important work of 'Haus Rungholt'. Also next year we are supporting the children and would be delighted if you would support our donation campaign.